E-Waste we work to reduce it


EDUCA/Punto Verde A.C

In Punto Verde we believe education is the most powerful tool for creating a culture that values and protects natural resources in our Planet. It is our commitment to promote the adequate handling and disposal of electronic waste in order to avoid pollution in our soil, air and / or biodiversity and prevent exploitation of virgin resources.

Join us! Become part of our team through any of the initiatives at our National Education Program, Collection and Recycling of electronic waste.


Punto Verde Volunteer Actions

A Punto Verde Volunteer, is a person interested in the care and protection of the environment that wants to spread and participate in activities that enables him/her to contribute to the increase of quality of life at his/her community and the environment.

If you´re interested on being a Punto Verde Volunteer, you´ll be rewarded with a Green Dot kit and will work in the following activities:

• Participate in a Reciclón®

• Disseminate our work in social networks.

• Disseminate the people around you the e-waste recycling through Reciclones Verdes and Green Dots®.

• Being a Green Squad program promoter in schools.

Escuadrón Verde® (Green Squad)   

Program to create awareness of pollution from electronic waste, aimed to pre-school and elementary level schools.

The Green Squad® visits your school and offers:

• What is electronic waste? How it is damaging our Planet? What we can do?

• Screening of the video «Green Squad».

• Interactive games related to electronic waste, as memorama, amongst others.

• Indoor Reciclón® at school which invites students, teachers and parents to give away their electronic waste.

 You can be part of the gang of Escuadrón Verde®.

Best practices of using technology

The development of technology has given us many tools to make our lives more comfortable and easy, but it also led to the loss of many activities that made our lives more fulfilling, such as socializing face to face, playing sports or enjoying the outdoors; this is why Punto Verde® intends to invite people to return to practices that have been forgotten and make a good use of technology.

Punto Verde promotes through social media campaigns, lectures, conferences and stands, the following practices that can jump-start in our daily lives and therefore, improve the quality of life and our interaction with the environment:

1. Communication and interaction.

2. Creative writing.

3. Working out, playing sports.

4. Real life is better than the virtual.

5. Setting the recommended age for use of electronic devices.

6. Promoting the use of electronic devices until the end of their useful lives.

7. Responsible consumption.

8. Don´t keep it! Don´t throw it! Recycle!

9. Acquire environmentally friendly products.

10. Check brands manufacturers.

Complaint and Report

Punto Verde provides a space within our website to report any type of bad electronic waste disposal so the corresponding authority takes appropriate measures to ensure that such actions are controlled.

You can report:

• A batch of electronic waste dumped in a lot, river, lake, canal, any natural area or even in the street.

• A batch of electronics that is being incinerated.

• Any pseudo-recycler that is destroying the equipment and just pulling off the metals.

• A pseudo-recycler that buries any debris somewhere.

Sustainable Entrepreneurship

The commitment to our present and future is to develop professionals with vision to undertake sustainable projects; we´re going through a critical environmental issue, so we must provide solutions and alternatives to consider the non-exploitation of natural resources and protection of biodiversity.

We offer lectures at universities covering the following topics:

• Punto Verde® encourages university students for success. REMSA®, a 100% Mexican company, is dedicated to comprehensive recycling electronic waste, sustainable business and green job instance.

• The goal is to encourage university students to undertake green projects that could be feasible through the support provided by the Organization of American States and Young Business Trust.

• In these lectures by Punto Verde®, we also share the problem of electronic waste, as well as the alternative of recycling it.

• It is proposed to put in place best practices of using technology as explained below.


Knowing helps!

Punto Verde aims to reduce the digital gap in schools or institutions that don´t have the economic means to own a computer  through the donation program “Refurbished computers”.

The aim is to expand the education and tools to achieve it integrally, as long as they promote the appropriate use of computers.

You can donate your computer:

  1. Login to our website: www.puntoverde.org.mx
  2. Fill in the computer donation form.
  3. Send the required information.

 Or you can ask for a computer:

  1. Login to our website:  www.puntoverde.org.mx
  2. Fill in the computer application form.
  3. Send the required information.


Development of robotic kits so that both kids and youngsters can put together robots using electronic waste as tools. This will encourage creativity, electronic principles and waste recycling.

Punto Verde Products

We offer  earrings, bracelets, noteboks, rings, bags and more items made with electronic waste. Our goal is to spread the message that electronic wastes can have a second chance in life.



Massive collection Campaign aimed to the general public to raise awareness about the problem of electronic waste. It also provides a space to companies, institutions and agencies so that they can dispose their e-waste responsibly.

Your organization can be part of this campaign by:

Internal Reciclón®. Campaign performed within the company, institution or government agency, focusing in the organization and its members.

Business Reciclón®. It caters to a group of companies and offers a pickup date program to remove the waste and take it to the recycling plant in Querétaro.

Reciclón® invites companies, institutions, government agencies and citizens to participate in a massive event by donating electronic waste in a public place. The electronic waste received is taken to the recycling plant. With this event, we are creating and encouraging an environmentally friendly culture in our community.

Township Reciclón®. Different counties within the state establish a temporary storage facility for a day where citizens, companies and institutions leave their electronic wastes. Finally, for the closing event of this day, it provides a unique venue where Reciclón ® delivers all municipalities’ accumulated debris.

We have currently taken the Reciclón ® to 24 of the 32 states in the Mexican Republic.

Punto Verde®

Punto Verde is a permanent storage facility for electronic waste. Our purpose is to create a national network of various Punto Verde spots. We currently have 40 spots distributed in the states of Querétaro, Guanajuato, Aguascalientes, Michoacán, Zacatecas, México State, Puebla, Morelos, Hidalgo, Veracruz, Oaxaca, Yucatan and Quintana Roo.

What do you need to be a Punto Verde?

• An enclosed space with solid floor, no moisture problems and safety.

• Receive obsolete electronic equipment from citizens, companies and institutions.

• Maintain a registration form and control the reception team.

• Promote environmental education with people around you.

• Deliver the equipment to Recicla Electrónicos Mexico SA de CV so that it can be properly recycled.

REMSA´s guided tours to the recycling plant

Recicla Electrónicos México, REMSA, is a Mexican company with specialized green thecnology for the recycling of electronic waste. Its recovery processes, as well as the glass, plastic, ferrous metal, non ferrous metal and electronic recycling, have given it an international renown. It is also setting the example of green employment in our country.

We currently receive visitors from schools that participate at the Escuadrón Verde (Green Squad), to compliment the information given at the conferences. By observing the recycling processes for the electronic wastes, the kids receive a much stronger and clearer message.


Mexican brand that through research and development of green technologies, has created the first floor catalogue incorporating recycled material from electronics in a safe and sustainable way.

EMRE Distinctive

Punto Verde A.C. recognizes institutions, companies and agencies aware of the problem of electronic waste and furthermore, promotes the responsible management of such waste.

To get the badge you must be a company, a government or an institution and you have to perform at least two of the following:

• Organize an Indoor Reciclón at your organization.

• Promote a culture of recycling among members and employees.

• Belong to the Punto Verde Network.

• One or more members of your organization are Punto Verde Volunteers.

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